Wear and friction testing

Linear reciprocating-sliding test rig

Evaluates friction and wear under reciprocating sliding conditions.

Load: 1-100N

Amplitude: 10-25mm

Sliding speed: 1m/s (with 10mm stroke)

Pin-on-disc tester

As the name implies, such apparatus consists essentially of a "pin" in contact with a rotating disc. Either the pin or the disc can be the test piece of interest. The contact surface of the pin may be flat, spherical, or, indeed, of any convenient geometry, including that of actual wear components.

Load: 1-20N

Speed: 0-3000rpm

Microabrasion wear test rig

Useful for evaluating the coating abrasion resistance or measuring coating thickness.

Ball diameter: 10-25mm

Speed: 2-60 rpm

Rotating bending fatigue test

The rotary bending test in accordance with serves for the determination of fatigue strength under bending stress applied to round specimens. The specimens are subjected to alternating loads. As the highest stresses occur on the surface of the specimens, the state of the surface is of particular importance in this test.

Load:100g- 2000g


Impact test rig

The repeated impact test is used to evaluate different properties of hard coatings that are subjected to cyclic loads. The impact test can be used to determine both the adhesion and cohesive strength of a coating.

Force: 0-1500N

Frequency: 5 Hz

VTT scratch adhesion tester

The scratch test gives information about coating resistance to cracking and fracture in a complicated indenting and pulling contact (includes compression, bending, tension)

Load: 5-50N

Speed: 0.1-0.5m/s

Max travel: 50mm

High cycle rolling contact fatigue test rig

A bespoke test facility for examining the high-cycle rolling-contact fatigue behaviour of surfaces. Features a computer GUI control system with sensor triggers and data logging.

Spindle speed: 0-4000 rpm

Load: 0-6.2kN

Sensors: temperature, torque, vibration

ASTM rubber wheel test

The rubber wheel test is used to evaluate abrasion resistance according to ASTM standard G65-04. The instrument can operate with either dry sand or a sand slurry as the abrasive media.

Speed: 0-350 rpm

Load: 0-165kg