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natural supramolecular column: tobacco mosaic virus.V Percec, G Johansson, D Schlueter, J C Ronda and G Ungar, "Molecular recognition directed self-assembly of tubular supramolecular architectures from building blocks containing monodendrons as exo-receptors and crown-ethers or pseudo-crown-ethers as endo-receptors", Macromol. Chem., Macromol. Symp., 1996 101 43-60

G Johansson, V Percec, G Ungar and J P Zhou, "Fluorophobic effect in the self-assembly of polymers and model compounds containing tapered groups into supramolecular columns", Macromolecules, 1996 29 646-656

synthetic self-assembled supramolecular sphere.

.G Ungar, D Abramic, V Percec and J Heck, "Self-assembly of twin tapered bisamides into supramolecular columns exhibiting hexagonal columnar mesophase", Liquid Crystals 1996 21 73-86

natural self-assembled sphere: herpes virus.V S K Balagurusamy, G Ungar, V Percec and G Johansson, "Rational design of the first spherical supramolecular dendrimer self-organized in a novel thermotropic liquid crystalline phase and the determonation of their shape by X-ray analysis", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997 119 1539-1555

.Fourier-reconstructed electron density map of a cubic liquid crystal cellSD Hudson, H-T Jung, V Percec, W-D Cho, G Johansson, G Ungar and VSK Balagurusamy, "Direct visualization of individual cylindrical and spherical supramolecular dendrimers", Science, 1997 278 449-452

.Percec_V, Ahn_CH, Ungar_G, Yeardley_DJP, Moller_M, Sheiko_SS, "Controlling polymer shape through the self-assembly of dendritic side-groups", Nature, 1998, 391 161-164

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.V. Percec, C.-H. Ahn, T.K. Bera, G. Ungar and D.J.P. Yeardley, "Co-Assembly of a hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline superlattice from polymer(s) coated with a 3-cylindrical bundle supramolecular dendrimer", Chem. Eur. J., 1999 5 1070-1083

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