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Atomistic Modelling in the Department is concerned with predicting the structure of complex materials and systems; and linking this to the static and dynamical properties. Examples include filled nanotubes, polymer electrolytes, and ceramic conductors
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Liquid state modelling includes molecular dynamic and Monte Carlo simulations in the fields of confined fluids, immobilisation science, and the chemical physics of liquids. In addition, algorithm development is a major activity.
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Mesoscopic Modelling treats the influence of the microstructure on properties of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. Recent activities include magnetic recording simulations, modelling of magnetic sensor arrays, and the simulation of magneto-electronic devices.
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Biomaterials modelling includes the simulation of biominearlisation and the structural modelling of the biological interface with materials. Advanced models of heterointerfaces in biological materials address problems from medical implants to nanodevices and composite
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IMMPETUS is the Institute for Microstructural and Mechanical Process Engineering: The University of Sheffield. The central purpose of IMMPETUS is to provide scientific underpinning for the development of physically based models to be used in the thermomechanical processing of metals.
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